I moved on!

It truly sucks moving on and leaving behind who you thought was the only one for you, there is always a reason behind it, and it’s fashion this time. My very observant neuron ‘Mr. F’, as I call him, says it was getting a bit of exaggerated and boring so I moved onto something a bit fresher, brighter and more vibrant!

(Did you think I was talking about guys? Well, it’s not very different. Haha)

News has it that the mad wave of millennial pink is dying out. It was all over the fashion, accessories, and decor industry since 2016. As per the fall 2018 trends, a more punchy, in-your-face version of pink is seen taking its throne back in hand. Hot pink is definitely the hottest color this season and your favorite celebs prove it and how!

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Fun night. Fun people. ❤️🎉

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Leaving behind our very dear old rose pink, I moved onto trying a very chic indo-western piece in fuschia. This color speaks volumes about how vivid the garment is. Neatly pleated fabric flows softly in a very rhythmic manner and the silhouette hugs your body at the right places. The golden embroidered patches break the monotony and add some sparkle for any party night.







Share your comments and your favorite shade of pink because “Pink isn’t just a color it’s an Attitude too!”


Outfit courtesy: Syaaks’ Boutique, Jalandhar

Photography credits: Rohit Sandhu

Thankyou Vibhuti for being my bro!



Saree on-the-go 0.2

Lazy Girl Alert !!

They say it’s not easy being a girl, it’s even harder if you’re a lazy one!

You have this place to go to and picking out clothes can sometimes be a bit weepy. That beautiful short dress? but hey! you aren’t waxed. Looking for something less revealing… the Anarkali Kurta, but that needs a good 10 mins of ironing and no doubt you’re in a rush. Oh, why have you been procrastinating on buying the exact red lipstick that goes with that top? That one needs an alteration and your ‘master ji’ stitched this one poles apart of what you explained to him.

These are a few of the many dilemmas we face every day. So we basically come up with ‘jugads’ and shortcuts, then call it fashion. Haha!

I talked about wearable sarees in my previous post and promised another look regarding the last-minute, go-to ideas to wear a saree. A regular saree can be worn with a crop top, a bralette or a shirt to turn it into an edgier version instead of going through the hassles of getting a matching blouse stitched or fitting into in the same old one when you’ve been eating a lot the past week. Throw a jacket or a blazer to make it even more interesting.

Here, I got this beautiful running piece of fabric with multiple pastel shades of the sunset. Instead of a regular, deep-cut saree blouse, I went for a white embroidered shirt. I slid the pallu under the knot of my shirt which added a lil’ extra punch to the look and made it a hands-free one! If only Anjali knew the trick 😛


I accessorized the look with a pair of earrings, a box metal clutch in turquoise to add a pop of color and my favorite hexagonal Raybans.










I hope you enjoyed the look and the pictures. We meet again with some fashion dose for the festive season!

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Big thanks and love to thesuprstory and rs.sandhu :*

Saree on-the-go 0.1

A saree, of over 15 regional types and in it’s 18 traditional draping styles, is widely worn in our country. But there are countless ways in which ‘The saree’ has been adapted and laid into the modern scenario in its numerous abstract forms. Being this big beautiful length of fabric, it becomes a very dynamic piece for experimentation and styling.

A saree is perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment. But recently we’ve seen the seen the skirt replaced by versions of pants, palazzos, dhotis etc., while the most arresting part of the saree- ‘the pallu’ is kept intact. It not only makes the saree a more wearable option but also adds a quirky touch to it. The fused western elements in the saree provide a sense of comfort and leisure to a piece which we otherwise think of as a clumsy-looking, hard-to-handle outfit.

The grace of a saree and comfort of a pant is what I intended at with this look. I am wearing a white crop top with a matching palazzo and dupatta set. I draped the dupatta from the back of my waist over my shoulders like a saree pallu. Both, the cut and the fabric of the pants is super airy which makes it perfect for a day-out. I paired the outfit with tan oxfords and some oxidized jewelry. My reading glasses and a good page turner accompanied. 🙂









Palazzo and dupatta set – Libas @ jabong

crop top- Forever21

p.s. I am coming up with another ‘Saree on-the-go’ version very soon. I hope you enjoy this one and stick around for the next!



HOW TO: dress like a 70’s hip using your own wardrobe!

For as long as I can remember, I have always heard my mother talking about the cycle of recurring fashion. She would say, “I too used to wear my shirts baggy back in college”, or “This dupatta is exactly like the one I wore to your massi’s wedding!” when we’re out shopping or having the “what to wear” discussions. I never believed her until I grew this older and wiser, and became an observant fashion lover. Now I don’t let my mum get rid of any old clothes or accessories, what if it makes a comeback? Right?! Lol

None of us can deny that research is the first step of creation. Any designer and influencer, from obscure to renowned, starts off by researching on a material or a concept and how has it been addressed in the past. Which explains the cycle of recurring fashion.

Revisit the Spice Girls from the 90’s, and you’ll know that cropped camis are not introduced by Kylie Jenner. So while the 90’s was much more liberal, the 70’s fashion was its conservative brother. This era gave the fashion world a lot of exemplary styles that are still wearable today. Even Bollywood movies of the 70’s up their fashion game with polka dots, gypsy florals, flared pants, headbands as seen on Dimple Kapadia, Shabana Azmi, Neetu Singh etc in flicks like Bobby, Amar Akbar Anthony and Golmaal (all of which are by the way my favorites).

The fashion design students had a Costume representation day where they were supposed to dress from a different decade. It was impossible to compile all the decades and the attire that everybody wore but I, being fascinated by the 70’s picked my favorites 70’s inspired looks from amongst the students.

For myself, I played up my regular college clothes with some accessories for the back-in-time look. A knotted shirt, flared denim, an earthy-toned paisley print bandana with beaded hoops and white round sunglasses did it for me. I hope you enjoy what all these to-be fashion designers wore! A big thanks to Rimya, Divya, Ashima, and Surbhi for sharing space with me. I love all of these looks as all the pieces can so easily be found in everybody’s closet and are very wearable. Comment below as to which look is your favorite!







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Maximum Through Minimum {How to make a statement}

I often hear of terms like Balance and proportion in my art class. However, these terms I feel are more like a lifestyle than just elements of art and design. Think about it as a part of your profession or your skill – Do you dance? sing? paint? play sports? practice yoga? make coffee? I bet each of these need to have a certain body, mind or balance of the ingredients to make it enjoyable. Same goes for style that pleases the eye, the right contrast will not only elevate the whole look but it is a great way to focus the eye on that one thing you really want to show-off. It could be a new bold lip color everyone is talking about in or a gorgeous piece of bling you invested in.

Each of us wants to stand out and be the first one to adopt new and unique styles. Fashion in the contemporary world is all about picking out things that work best together. A lot of strong pieces in one outfit only makes for a distasteful look, regardless of  whichever big brands they belong to. This is the reason why the styling profession is on such a hike.

Making a fashion statement is like pouring less but drinking more. It’s always seen as a way of working with a very relaxed approach but making a striking point when and where needed. Indian secrets Jewelry, Manmeet makeup artist and I collaborated to create two simple yet statement looks. The kundan work is mostly popular in bridal jewelry as it radiates a very royal vibe when set in a traditional design. However these designs have kundans in a modern setting. The designs are perfect for cocktail nights in the wedding festivities or other formal events. The neckpieces are taking a front stage as they are worn with these beautiful flowing sarees in solid black and champagne color.

The makeup is very perfectly planned keeping in mind the outfits and the jewelry. Softy rimmed kohl eyes are paired with neutral shades on lips and cheeks and eyes. It is subtle yet distinctive.



WhatsApp Image 2018-08-16 at 11.01.16 PM






Makeup and hair : Manmeet makeup artist

Jewelry: Indian secrets by Vibhuti Malhotra

Muse : Vibhuti Sharma 

Photography : Nitish Midha photography 

until next time,

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On Trend: Nautical and Nice

Have you seen the newest Duchess of Sussex at Wimbledon a few weeks back? She was seen wearing POLO RALPH LAUREN BENGAL STRIPE COTTON SHIRT with white trousers by RALPH LAUREN. What I love about Meghan Markle’s huge style shift, from the glamorous ‘actress’ outfits to the elegant ladylike silhouettes, is that between all this, she continues to drop us the commoner side of hers. Her trousers are defined by clean tailored cuts and waist up – the shirt is kinda loose and scrunchy with hair tied in an effortless bun. This contrast keeps us engaged for more.


However, in this particular piece, I wanted to share with you all the story behind this very popular striped trend, which is also seen on a lot of other celebrities and not just Markle. Any fashion enthusiast or an observant shopper would have easily noticed the blue and white striped clothes reigning the racks of the stores since last summer.  You might be owing two or three such pieces already. Have you ever wondered what is the story behind this Blue and white stripe trend?

The navy and white striped knitted shirt was introduced as the uniform for all French navy seaman in 1858. The original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napolean’s victories. Years later in 1917,  CocoChanel introduced the design to the fashion world through her nautical collection. It was mainly adopted by the upper class and eventually became a synonym with the Parisian fashion.

Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso


Priyanka Chopra was seen wearing a striped shirt with blue jeans whereas Kendal Jenner wore the Nautical (concerning navigation) striped top with a pair of white trousers just like Her Highness Meghan Markle, which has inspired me to put together this look.

In today’s scenario, the design has come together with styles like off-the-shoulder necklines and ruffle details. I paired one such top with a white cropped trouser pants. Being the basic blue skinny jeans person, I am not a big fan of cropped trousers but I decided to experiment with myself and play with a flared top and bottom. I wanted to throw a little color under those pants so I wore neon pink shoes. To finish off I stole my mum’s vintage Raybans as the mini sunglasses trend is still raging. Turns out it’s a feminine-on-the-top, edgy-on-the-bottom look!





WhatsApp Image 2018-08-02 at 9.40.39 PM (2).jpeg



Tell me if you like it in the comments below.

Wait do you see that hair tie on my wrist? That does not leave. Damn! lol.

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Photography by: NitishmidhaPhotograhy

Until next time.


HOW TO: Denim Skirt {Friendship’s day with Florence21}

A very Happy Friendship’s day to you!

Thank you for coming back to my space. Thank you for reading and relating to what I create here. Friends are the first and foremost people who can clearly look into your bubble of thoughts even before you speak things out of your mouth. They are the ones who are convinced by every crazy idea of yours beyond the bounds of possibility. I feel grateful as I pen this down for having a few very supportive friends, knowing some immensely inspiring people and connecting with new ones by means of this blog.

One such inciting person is a very dear friend- Priyanna Thappar. She is a fashion designer, a stylist, and a blogger (Find her on Instagram @theflorence21 ). Her style statement is very fresh and comfortable yet unique. We got together to celebrate Friendship’s day in style and decided to take on the very sought-after denim skirt. Both of us wanted to create two similar looking outfits yet with contrasting vibes to it.

The denim skirt is one such trend that has been around since we were little girls. Along with the timeless blue mini, we see a lot of variations of the denim skirt in the spring 2018 fashion forecasts. A button-down, rugged, studded, midi or even maxi denim skirts are all over the fashion stores. It makes one feel so youthful and back-to-school. And since different personalities bring about different perspectives, we tried to personalize the looks, have fun and share an ice-cream! 🙂

On Me:                      On Priyanna :

Skirt – h&m               Skirt-koovs

Tee – Ajio                   Tee – Zara

Shoes- Adidas           Shoes- koovs

Cap- Nike                   Jewelry – shein







Do comment below if you’re planning to twin with your girlfriend(s) the next time you guys hang out. Share this post with your best friends or Connect with me on Instagram for new friendships! @aircastlebuilder

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